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David Custin is a native of Miami, Florida and an American of Cuban descent.

Mr. Custin grew up in the City of Hialeah and currently resides in the Kendall area of Miami-Dade County. Since 1991, Mr. Custin has worked in various capacities within Florida’s political and governmental arenas.

Today, Mr. Custin provides clients with business development, governmental consultation, and political campaign consulting services at all levels of government.

Please visit the various pages above to discover the professional services Mr. Custin has to offer in order to help you achieve your goals and succeed.

Mr. Custin and his business associates offer these basic principles to clients served:


Mr. Custin possesses an impeccable reputation among business people and policy makers in the State of Florida. With Mr. Custin, you will always receive sincere and truthful strategic advice and service, at fair and reasonable rates.


Mr. Custin has forged strong, meaningful friendships with many officeholders, policy makers, and business people at local, state, and federal levels of Florida government and politics. Trust with clients is a trait that Mr. Custin has earned over time and through his deeds.


Mr. Custin has a proven track record of successfully serving clients, whether it be lobbying on an issue before the Florida Legislature or helping a candidate win an election to public office.