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David R. Custin & Associates (DRC&A) has provided contracted lobbying and business development services to many clients with various areas of interest since the year 2000.

Mr. Custin and the DRC&A firm has helped clients successfully:

  • Pass substantive legislation into Florida law;
  • Defeat substantive legislation via the legislative process;
  • Secure state appropriations via the legislative process;
  • Secure federal line-item appropriations via the congressional process;
  • Establish positive name identification with state and federal policymakers;
  • Establish positive relationships and create or expand political capital with legislators;
  • Attain state and local government service contracts, via both RFP and sole source procurement methods.

DRC&A has the experience and ability to serve as a client’s lead lobbying and business development firm or to work as an effective and positive member of a client’s lobbying team.

Integrity & Honesty

David R. Custin, President of DRC&A, has been a registered lobbyist in Florida since 1997 and possesses an impeccable reputation among business people and policy makers in the State of Florida. DRC&A will always provide sincere and truthful strategic advice and services to its clients. Should an actual or potential conflict of interest arise, DRC&A pledges to quickly and openly disclose this situation to present and prospective clients. Mr. Custin is a founding member of the Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists, and subscribes in spirit and practice to the association’s code of ethics.


Mr. Custin has forged strong, meaningful friendships with many officeholders, policy makers, and business people at local, state, and federal levels of Florida government and politics. This translates to an unparalleled ability to provide clients with:

  • A credible representative/spokesperson for the client within Florida’s governmental and political arenas;
  • Access to legislators and their staff, as well as legislative and executive branch agency decision-makers;
  • Policy and political intelligence about clients’ areas of interest


Mr. Custin has a proven track record of successfully serving clients at the local, state, and federal areas of government. An honest lobbyist will not guarantee a client a successful outcome. But DRC&A does guarantee its clients the following:

  • Fair and reasonable rates: large firms may charge more money, but DRC&A helps clients successfully achieve objectives as good as or better than any other lobbyist or lobbying firm based in Florida.
  • 24/7 work ethic; availability at all times for client inquiries and/or requests;
  • Competent, logical, and candid strategic advice and planning to achieve objectives;
  • Timely updates (written and verbal) on the progress or status of issues, as frequently as the client requires or requests;
  • Consultation with client and receipt of client authorization before taking definitive legislative actions or finalizing negotiations with opponents.
  • The ability to rapidly learn the important components and essence of client issues in order to effectively articulate and advocate them to others;
  • The ability to work on client issues as a sole, designated lobbyist, or to effectively work with a team of in-house and/or contracted lobbyists.

Contact us today and we promise to make you proud that you did.

Whether by direct representation or recruiting qualified and effective associates via subcontract, DRC&A always provides clients with services that are second to none in Florida. Also, since DRC&A is a small lobbying firm, with very little overhead, clients receive rates and fee structures that are among the most reasonable and fair in the business.

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